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Stainless steel filling jib - height 4.5m offset 3.5m

Stainless steel filling jib - height 4.5m offset 3.5m

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This stainless steel filling jib offers a height of 4.5 meters and an offset of 3.5 meters. Made of stainless steel, it is strong, sturdy and durable. This jib is designed to offer great stability and a wide offset, to allow you to complete your tasks easily.

Description of the filling jib:

Our filling jibs are ideal for setting up a sprayer filling platform.

Made of stainless steel, they offer optimal resistance to wear and corrosion.

Standard equipment: 2'' cut-off valve + ¾'' connection, anti-siphon system, indexable rotation, guarantees safe filling.


Optional: mechanical or programmable meters, pressure limiters, filters, adjustable height, etc.


  • PRH450D350 - height 4.5 m / offset 3.5 m—without meter *
  • PRH300D300CMS - 3 m height/3 m offset—with manual counter *
  • PRH450D350CMS—height 4.5 m/overhang 3.5 m—with manual counter *
  • PRH300D300CMPV - height 3 m / offset 3 m — with programmable counter with motorized valve *
  • PRH450D350 CMPV—height 4.5 m / offset 3.5 m—with programmable counter with motorized valve *

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