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Polyethylene Hydrocarbon Separator from 1.5 to 15 Liters/sec

Polyethylene Hydrocarbon Separator from 1.5 to 15 Liters/sec

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Flow rate: litres/second

Description of the hydrocarbon separator:

Hydrocarbon separator from 1.5 to 15 liters/second for washing line

Treatment of hydrocarbon pollution: what is a separator used for?

An oil separator works according to the principle of gravity by density difference: heavy substances sink to the bottom and light substances such as hydrocarbons and oils float to the surface.

A hydrocarbon separator is intended to trap hydrocarbons suspended in rainwater and effluents collected during machinery washing.

Is the hydrocarbon separator mandatory or recommended?

For :

  • Repair and maintenance of vehicles and motor vehicles
  • Flammable liquids (storage in manufactured tanks)
  • Gasoline stations: facilities, whether or not open to the public, where fuels are transferred from stationary storage tanks into the fuel tanks of motor vehicles, boats or aircraft
  • Tracks or machine washing areas...)?

Answer : overall, even if the regulations do not always require it (excluding ICPE, absence of a discharge authorization order), the hydrocarbon separator is strongly recommended to reduce the risks of pollution of the natural environment and damage to sanitation structures.

Description and equipment:

  • Coalescer filter and vertical automatic shutter.
    Special washing area.
  • Easy to put in place
  • Lockable polyethylene cover.
  • Reinforced polyethylene tank
  • From 1.5 to 15 l/second depending on model

Features :

Polyethylene hydrocarbon separator without Hydrodynamic flow bypass, with sludge trap, coalescer filter and vertical automatic shutter.
Class 1, discharge < 5 mg/l according to standard NF EN 858-1.
Equipped with a lockable polyethylene cover.
Processed flow rate 1.5 l/s to 15l/sec - Inlet/Outlet Dn 110.

The coalescer filter is made up of a mass of floating supports whose specific surface area amounts to 200 m²/m³. These floating supports are made of synthetic material, made of polypropylene and occupy a large part of the volume of the separator, including the sludge trap. The coalescer filter increases the exchange surface and promotes the coalescence of hydrocarbons.

Coalescence is the action by which the fine hydrocarbon droplets created by the turbulence of the effluent clump together to form larger droplets, thus benefiting from a higher rate of rise. This phenomenon allows better and faster separation of hydrocarbons during the passage time.

The effluent thus obtained complies with European standards. The floating type coalescing filter rarely clogs and is much easier to clean than a usual coalescing cell.

for maintenance, it is strongly recommended to associate it with an alarm which will indicate that a maintenance operation is to be carried out.

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