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Support bracket for flexible containers

Support bracket for flexible containers

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Description of the flexible support support:

Our handling, storage and transport support for big-bag type flexible containers.
These supports transform big-bags into semi-rigid containers and increase their lifespan.

The support consists of a base that receives 4 tubes and an upper frame on which the flexible container is suspended.
The bag can therefore be handled outside the structure in complete safety.

It is made of hot-dip galvanized steel .

Conditions of use :

  • Agrifoods industries
  • chemicals
  • pharmaceutical
  • construction materials and any sector handling bulk products.


External dimensions: 1125x1125x310mm
Interior dimensions: 950x950mm
Weight : 25kg
Charge : 1000Kg
External dimensions: 1125 x 1125 x 155mm
Interior dimensions: 950x950mm
Weight : 14kg
Charge : 1000Kg

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